You want to know about me? I’m you. You’re me. We’re the same, except ironically, literally and physically different.

A metaphor is the closest thing other than feeling, it’s an explanation. So, we’re not cloned like the girls on Orphan Black or switched into each other like Lindsey Lohan’s remake on Freaky Friday. But, in the world’s need for superficiality it is not about what we share on the outside, but within. We run through the same fighting emotions.

I’m an official worrier. Anxiety geek and how-low-can-you-go teen. Yep, I’m socially awkward. I have social anxiety. Which basically means for some that I like to play hide seek – a lot. That and the flashing red sign when I see someone I know. Of course there is a lot more than that!

I regularly host pity parties and spend way too much time thinking. But, seriously…I’m a person like you who has wiped too many tears from my cheeks…who’s felt the constant quench of the heart, nerves to the chest and legs braced to carry me away. But, I don’t want to run anymore. I don’t want to feel alone. I don’t want to feel my body crippled while someone doesn’t understand me.

This blog is for us all. Mental health is such a tainted word. It’s been wronged with so many bad connotations. But, we have a voice. This blog is for what anxiety and depression is really like. This blog is for you, you beautiful being.

This is my our story.