What’s anxiety?

What is anxiety?

Good question. But, probably something you can already answer, right?

Who is this anxiety lass? Sure you’ve met them a couple of times. Walked into them in the exam hall. Had a fight with them when you took a leap of faith. Shushed them when you trying to answer questions in an interview. You know the guy, they took the front seat in the audience when you had to speak in front of the entire class.

But for all you definite people like me here is the definition of anxiety:

 Here is another one with the emphasis on ‘future uncertainties’ part:
So, if you’re anything like me, you might be rolling your eyes by this point. Why? Because anxiety for you and for me is more than just the occasional run in. It’s our life, and boy don’t we know it.
But, the word anxiety on it’s own before we go into all the labels and categories. When stripped naked into what I would imagine to be pretty ugly beast, is essentially fear. Perhaps what we would quickly sum up as the fear of everything.
Although we all have our similarities we all will have different anxiety journeys. Click here for my blog post on 7 different types of anxiety.
What does anxiety feel like?
For me it’s sitting on the edge of the seat readying to run. It’s your muscles all bushed up like a car before it drives or a shaken can of fizzy stuff. Perhaps it’s lowness. The general feeling of crapiness. A live wire ready to burn. Guilt so deep it grasps at your heart. A flush of heated embarrassment. Cinema view of all the potential things that can go wrong
Rolling thoughts that grow and grow and grow. Something hard to distract. Clenched stomach. Going to the loo. Not being able to go to the loo. Constant thirst. Not being able to relax. A cloud that drains you and tells you you’re a failure.
Anxiety for me is complex, but simple. It is a more than fear. But fear nonetheless.
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